Headshot of Roberto Lastra

Trailblazers: Lovers Not Haters wants to prove it can do more than multicultural work

Hispanic-owned agency says supplier diversity initiatives limit the work diverse that firms are awarded: ‘Don't call me for Mexican import beer. I can sell Miller Lite too.’

Headshot of Mark Walker

Trailblazers: How Direct Digital Holdings is getting multicultural publishers onto programmatic plans

Mark Walker shares how he’s seeking to make the ad tech supply chain more representative after years of battling exclusion lists.

Headshots of Joe Anthony and Len Burnett

Trailblazers: Hero Media aims to ‘open up the aperture’ on diverse-owned media

While the powerful Black Lives Matter movement triggered new interest in diverse-owned media, investment remains dramatically disproportionate.

Headshot of Charlene Prempeh

Trailblazers: How Charlene Prempeh’s vision intertwines Black creativity and tech

Prempeh launched creative agency A Vibe Called Tech in response to the institutionally racist technology landscape.

Hyyer Creative team

Trailblazers: How diverse creatives turned a fashion brand into a creative agency

Hyyer Creative rebranded into a boutique agency after its founder fell in love with the marketing side of fashion.

Trailblazers: How former ad execs changed the conversation about feminine care

Co-founders Rachel Donovan Geller and Kaity Potak launched Moons to eliminate confusion and shame around menstruation.

Trailblazers: Meryl Draper’s Quirk Creative puts women at the heart of storytelling

The certified woman-owned agency helps DTC brands scale onto TV.

Trailblazers: How a grueling pandemic job market fueled these college grads to start their own agency

NinetyEight has 15 clients after launching a little over a year ago.

Trailblazers: How LGBTQ+ discrimination fueled Monica C. Smith’s start-up

The CEO of Marketsmith started her own company after she was fired for being gay.

Trailblazers: Jennifer Dyer and Kiaran Sim give web commenters a voice

The platform allows people to leave audio and video comments on websites — while avoiding online harassment.

Trailblazers: How Rana Reeves forged a path as an adland outlier

The founder of creative agency RanaVerse aims to break down creative barriers, working with clients including Coach, Unilever and GM.

Trailblazers: Shaunah Margaret and Ash Ramirez give women of color a seat at the table

The Women Who Create program offers scholarships and mentorships to young creatives.

Trailblazers: How Amber Venz Box pioneered influencer marketing

The founder of rewardStyle and set the blueprint for influencers to turn their side hustles into a career.

Trailblazers: Gary Coichy bridges podcasting’s racial divide

The agency vet founded Pod Digital Media, the first full-service agency dedicated to multicultural podcasters and programs.


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